Fluid Structures

Site specific installation, variable dimensions, reflective vinyl letters on exposed plumbing system, 2019

“Overhead, a frieze of reflective texts, collectively titled fluid structures, interrupts the building’s infrastructure, composing an expanded poem that is reordered as the viewer moves through space. References to bodily fluids and recreational drugs make clear parallels between the inner-workings of the built environment and the body, their exposure also suggesting the exposure of an underground culture. Despite Altunbozar’s explicit reference to sexual intimacy, the queerness of fluid structures stems primarily from its formal characteristics: its placement within the would-be-concealed infrastructure; the juxtaposition of the pristine text against the soiled pipes; and the inability to access the work from a single vantage point.“

- text by Duncan Bass,
Installation views from A Vessel A Veil, 2 person exhibition with Martha Poggioli at Space P11, curated by Duncan Bass

/ see exhibition pamphlet here.